Welcome to ticketutil’s documentation!

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ticketutil is a Python module that allows you to easily interact with various ticketing tools using their REST APIs. Currently, the supported tools are JIRA, RT, Redmine, Bugzilla and ServiceNow. All tools support HTTP Basic authentication, while JIRA and RT also support Kerberos authentication.

This module allows you to create tickets, add comments, edit ticket fields, and change the status of tickets in each tool. Additional lower-level tool-specific functions are supported - adding and removing watchers in JIRA, adding attachments in JIRA, etc.

Simplify all of your ticketing operations with ticketutil:

from ticketutil.jira import JiraTicket
ticket = JiraTicket(<jira_url>, <project_key>, auth='kerberos')

# Create a ticket and perform some common ticketing operations.
t = ticket.create(summary='Ticket summary',
                  description='Ticket description')
t = ticket.add_comment('Test Comment')
t = ticket.change_status('Done')

# Check status of previous ticketing operation and print URL of ticket.

# Close Requests session.

Comments? / Questions? / Coming Soon

For questions / comments, email dranck@redhat.com. For anything specific to Bugzilla, email kshirsal@redhat.com. For ServiceNow related questions, email pzubaty@redhat.com.

The plan for ticketutil is to support more ticketing tools in the near future and to support more ticketing operations for the currently supported tools. Please let us know if there are any suggestions / requests. Thanks!